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Batman Gauntlet Vs Iron Man Blaster Toys Unboxing With Ultimate Bat-Mech And Hulkbuster Ckn Toys By: CKN ToysPublished: 5 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Hi guys, today we are unboxing and playing with this cool Nerf Iron Man Blaster,Hulkbuster,Batman Gauntlet and Batman Ultimate Bat-Mech. These are great fun if you love to play as super heroes.
The giant mutant villains have threatened the citizens of Gotham City for the last time! With the DC Comics Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants Ultimate Bat-Mech 15" Action Figure, you can aid the Caped Crusader in restoring peace to the warring city. Designed after the robot in the Batman Unlimited: Mechs and Mutants movie, this action figure is jam-packed with cool battle-ready features just waiting to take the supervillains down. The Mighty Mini figure can hop into the cockpit of the Bat-Mech and head into ferocious combat. Once the scene begins to unravel, the robot's chest cavity can be opened to launch the Mighty Mini Batmobile into action. Take that, evildoers!
Launch into battle like Iron Man! With the Slide Blast Armour, you can push a button to send armour up your arm and “armour up” just like Iron Man! Pull the lever on the gauntlet, then push the button a second time to fire NERF darts!

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